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Hi, everyone. I'm Charlie Leung(Leung Hok Chi) from Form 3B. And I'm a librarian in St. Louis School Library. My job is helping student to print and copy some document. Also, I maintain the I.T. equipement in the library.

I make this website because it is absolutely made for mid-year examination to get a higher mark to "help" my overall result. Another reason is I can "test" my I.T. skills which level I have reach.

Accroding to my webpage, somethings that I can't do it . PLEASE don't be too care. It contains serval parts. First part is "About". This is showing about myself. Second part is "Career" that is about my occupation. Third part is"Album". This part contains my photos and videos. Forth part is "game". I make a little riddle game that is about my school life, pop stars...etc. The last part "Contact" is telling to you how to contact me for any question about I.T. or other things.

At last, I hope eneryone will enjoy my website and have a good impression to me!~

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