Name: Desmond Wong

Age: 14years-old

Birthday: 6th of December

Sex: Male

My School: St Louis School

Class: 3C

Introduction to myself:

I love watching doraemon and play games in my free time.

If i need to use a cartoon to discribe myself , I would choose Doraemon because i love doraemon very much.

Also, Doraemon is very Smart like me!!!



This is a video made by me and my friend.




地址: 香港堅尼地城

Contact information

My E-mail:


Address: Hong Kong Kennedy Town


My dream is to become a doctor in the future. Ever since I was young, I have always wanted to become a doctor and to help those in need. Doctors are very caring and loving. They are willing to sacrifice themselves to heal the injured. I am especially touched when I saw the news during the period of SARS. In order to pursue this dream, I know I must work hard and strive for the best. I hope that I can really become a doctor in the future. A doctor that can heal the injured and bring hope to all the patients.


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