About myself I'm awesome

Greetings everyone! This is Howie Chan, currently a form 3 student at St. Louis School. I have been studying at SLS for 9 years up till now already, isn't that a really long period of time? Time files. Since I was a primary 1 student, my favourite subject has been Mathematics, I find all the formula and numbers very fasinating and intriguing, and now that I am a form 3 student, this is still my favourite subject. I have a lot of hobbies, photography, Taekwondo, and computing, just to name a few. On every Sunday, I do Taekwondo for 3 hours straight and I find it very challenging and I feel so proud of myself having gone through so many obstacles to have the 2nd poom of black belt, then when I reach the age of 15 years old, my belt will be changed to a 2nd dan belt.


  • Photography
  • Taekwondo
  • Playing latest computer games
  • FF


  • Eating
  • Sleeping
  • Recycling


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  • Strength 85%

  • Constitution 82%

  • Dexterity 76%

  • Intelligence 90%

  • Wisdom 77%

  • Charisma 88%



St.louis School (Primary section)

This is where i started off as an innocent and naive primary 1 student :))


St. Louis School

The most exciting and challenging stage of life I've ever experienced .

Dream university


Science and Technology...wow these are the things I'm into the most.


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This is where I study ;)

Riddle game You will never get bored

Haha,looks like you've known much about me,so lets Enter the game,shall we ;)

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Career Uh..um..i have no idea

Oh well...looks like you have much desire to know my dream career,but I'm sorry to say that..I have no idea either.

If I come up with a few options for me to choose from,I'll definitely go with the one that is related to technology the most.